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Revisiting the Chinese Labor Corps: An Interview With Author Fan Wu

Chinese American writer Fan Wu discusses language, identity, and her motivation for revisiting the Chinese contribution to WWI in her new book “Souls Left Behind”

In her latest novel, Souls Left Behind, Chinese American author Fan Wu intertwines the historical contributions of the Chinese Labor Corps in World War One with the personal journey of Zhang Delun, a laborer who settles in France after the conflict. Through Zhang’s experiences, Wu highlights the sacrifices of Chinese laborers and their vital but often unrecognized role in the Allied victory. The novel also explores racism and identity among Chinese immigrants, a pertinent topic today with anti-Asian sentiment on the rise in many countries.

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author Hayley Zhao

Hayley Zhao is an English editor and writer at The World of Chinese. Born and raised in Beijing, Hayley is a multimedia journalist with experience in podcast production. You can find her binging TV shows and stand-up comedy at home when she’s not working.

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