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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations Through the Ages

Mid-Autumn Festival was only made an official holiday in 2008, but people have celebrated it for centuries

Though it’s one of the oldest traditional celebrations in China, Mid-Autumn Festival, or Zhongqiu Jie (中秋节), didn’t become an official holiday until 2008. That year, in an effort to promote traditional culture, the country’s State Council made the festival a paid holiday for workers, along with Qingming Festival and Duanwu Festival.

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author Liu Jue (刘珏)

Liu Jue is the co-managing editor of The World of Chinese Magazine. She has a Master of Arts in Communication from Middle Tennessee State University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Minzu University. She has been working for TWOC since 2012. She is interested in covering history, traditional culture, and Chinese language.

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