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Photo Credit: Designed by Cai Tao; elements from Douban and VCG

Three-Body Conundrum: Why Liu Cixin’s Trilogy Defies Adaptation

Three-Body’s epic scale and its fiercely guarded fan base present challenges to adaptations

When technologically advanced aliens threaten to invade Earth in Liu Cixin’s acclaimed Three-Body sci-fi trilogy, humankind starts to tear itself apart long before the ETs arrive. The world faces an unwinnable war, with the aliens sabotaging scientific progress and monitoring all communications on Earth. The struggle is a bit like finding a winning formula for adapting Liu’s sweeping trilogy, officially known as Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy, for screen and theater.

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author Liu Jue (刘珏)

Liu Jue is the co-managing editor of The World of Chinese Magazine. She has a Master of Arts in Communication from Middle Tennessee State University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Minzu University. She has been working for TWOC since 2012. She is interested in covering history, traditional culture, and Chinese language.

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