OTC 拷贝
Illustration by: Wang Siqi

游: Learn the Chinese Character for Journeys and Adventures

​The character 游 is for travel, imagination, and going with the flow

On a cold autumn morning, a man stands among frosted reeds by the riverside, yearning for his beloved one across the water, only to find his love is out of reach: “When I try to reach her by going against the current, the journey is difficult, dangerous, and long; when I follow the current, she seems to stand still in the heart of the waters. (溯洄从之,道阻且长。溯游从之,宛在水中央。Sù huí cóng zhī, dào zǔ qiě cháng. Sù yóu cóng zhī, wǎn zài shuǐ zhōngyāng.)”

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author Huang Weijia (黄伟嘉)

Dr. Huang Weijia is a senior lecturer in Chinese language at Boston University and a distinguished research fellow at Shaanxi Normal University. He has taught courses in modern and classical Chinese and Chinese culture at Harvard University, Brown University, and the Middlebury College Summer Program. Dr. Huang has authored a series of successful textbooks and reference books in the US, Chinese mainland, and Hong Kong, including the Readings in Chinese Culture series. He has also written numerous articles on cross-cultural and Chinese studies for newspapers and magazines in the US and China.

author Pan Fengfan (潘风帆)

Pan Fengfan is an intern at The World of Chinese. He is curious to learn about all the interesting things in the world and loves to share stories about Chinese society, history, culture, and language.

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