Huang Heshan Cover
Image: Courtesy of Huang Heshan

Too Rich: Wealth and Peril in Huang Heshan’s City Dreamscapes

Artist Huang Heshan’s cyberpunk metropolis celebrates and critiques modern urban life, weaving together rich human connections with the looming dangers of modernization

Somewhere high above bustling streets, a small balcony is wedged between two towering high-rises. “Peeing prohibited,” reads a large sign in Chinese, surely appreciated by the pedestrians below. A sprawling cityscape unfolds—a mix of old, weathered structures and futuristic skyscrapers. Shiny surfaces and endless facades adorned with neon lights reflect the relentless pace of a city that feels both familiar and alien.

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author Roman Kierst (小罗)

Roman Kierst is a staff writer and editor at The World of Chinese based in Beijing but much more at home in Chengdu, where his own China story first began as a high school exchange student in 2006. Likes to pick up a film camera occasionally to take pictures of (mostly) old places.

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